This Is "The TASC"


Suffolk County has a special political geography. It is a “swing” county with parts or the entirety of three very competitive Congressional Districts.  Yet, those who promote extreme views outside the conventional spectrum of NY politics have had success in winning electoral office.  These office holders' views are not reflective of our shared values; but they are more able to motivate a small slice of the electorate to go to the polls.

Meanwhile, those who hold common sense values are not being engaged by their neighbors and therefore are less likely to vote.  Relying on a TV ad and a mailer three weeks before an election has proven to be insufficient in this crowded media market. The best way to motivate those less likely to vote is to have someone they know and trust to “lean over the fence” and speak to them about the issues they hold dear.  

TASC will find those potential voters, identify the issues most important to them, and then connect them to neighbors who share those values.