Building A Democratic Bench


We wish we could say that no one runs for President as their first election.  Alas, #45 has proven us wrong.  That being said, the truth is that most people running and holding higher office start as our town council people, county legislators and school board members. 

TASC supports electing Democrats to all levels of government from Tax Collector to Congressperson, because we understand that not only are all politics local, but our future President is sitting in a townhall meeting right now. 

Serving in these local positions teach Democratic candidates how to fundraise, gain recognition and a service record, and understand how to govern.  Because we believe in electing qualified candidates, we want to ensure that we are supporting candidates at all levels of government.  This helps us to have a Democratic Bench to run great candidates for every position, and that means that we will win more elections!


I want to Create a Democratic Bench!