Walking To Elect Democrats


Join our team of canvassers, who are knocking on doors every day. Fit it into your schedule, or join one of our scheduled Resistance Weekends.  Walk in your own neighborhood or in a targeted neighborhood.  We work with you to make sure that you are trained and have all the tools you need. 

Want to organize your own door knocking event?  We will provide you with training, scripts, walk-books, and leave-behind materials. 

The #1 Way to get Democrats to vote is to ask them for their vote.  

Help us reach Democrats who don’t typically vote by knocking on their door, discussing the issues and hearing their concerns.  We walk year-round and not just when there is an election because TASC believes that we must engage with voters from across Suffolk County consistently if we are going to hear from them in the voting booths consistently.

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